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Our Services

Push marketing. Pull marketing. Digital marketing. Lead generation marketing. Video marketing. Old school marketing. Market research, strategy and planning. Whatever you need, Total Spectrum brings it to you when and how you need it.

Full service or a la carte – it’s your choice. Either way, having Total Spectrum’s team of experienced specialists as your Outsourced Marketing Department gives you higher quality marketing and a consistent brand message…so you can enjoy a better value and superior results.

Marketing Automation

Want to capture more leads, convert them into customers and finally know which messages are getting the best results? Let Total Spectrum develop a unique electronic system of lead generation, nurture, capture and analysis for you.

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Content Creation

Most buyers now do their homework before they’ll consider giving you a call. Take advantage of Total Spectrum’s extensive experience generating high-quality content that engages and educates, and create brand loyalty before the conversation even begins.

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Website Development

When it comes to website development, Total Spectrum’s attention to all of the details – concept, design, content, platform, responsiveness, navigation, search engine optimization (SEO) and advanced performance metrics – sets your business apart and gets results.

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Video Production

Whether you need corporate, training, product, installation or safety videos, our on-staff videographer can shoot them on location or at our in-house green screen studio. Your advantage: great videos at a great value.

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Digital Marketing

Deploying a full range of digital marketing components is crucial to modern marketing campaigns. From eBlasts, digital ads and retargeting to surveys, eBooks, websites and Google AdWords campaigns, we have your digital assets covered.

Research and
Strategic Planning

The old adage “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail” still holds true. Research often reveals surprising insights. With decades of experience our experts can use those insights to develop a plan to propel you past your competition.

Media Planning

Total Spectrum will analyze the available media products and design your plan based on audience, reach and frequency. Once we are certain the right eyes will be viewing your message, we’ll negotiate great rates for you.

Email Marketing

With an average open rate of over 20%, you can sit back and count the click-throughs when Total Spectrum sends out emails for you. Then we analyze the results and make adjustments to bring the numbers even higher!

App Development

From product demos and calculators to installation instructions and geo-targeting of distributors and reps, our team of experts can create an app that will have your competitors wondering why they hadn’t thought of it first.

SEO & SEM Marketing

It pays to work with experts who are well-versed in what’s new and next in SEO and SEM. We’ll use the latest techniques to bring your website to the top of the search engine results list…right where it belongs.

Photographic Services

Our highly experienced on-staff photographers are available to bring your people, projects and products to life. Let us capture the professional images you need, either on location or at our in-house studio.

Graphic Design

When you hire the Outsourced Marketing Department at Total Spectrum, you get the advantage of expert graphic designers who design with your branding, strategy and messaging in mind. Cohesive communication is critical.

Creative Development

The specialists at Total Spectrum all strive to think outside the box, push the envelope and stretch our ingenuity… but never at the expense of your primary messaging or strategy. Your goal is always our goal.

Tradeshow Support

Booth companies and freelancers struggle to maintain your brand. We can keep your communication clear and consistent whether you are designing a new booth, hiring models to increase booth traffic or creating a virtual trade show.

Sales Collateral

There is still a demand for high quality sales literature. From corporate brochures, pamphlets and fliers to annual reports and specification binders, Total Spectrum has been creating award-winning print materials for over 31 years.

Social Media

In a B2B environment social media is very important, but utilized differently. Total Spectrum can guide you as to which platforms make sense for your audiences and just how much time you should invest in this arena.

Packaging Design

A product’s packaging can be every bit as critical for B2B products as for B2C. Total Spectrum can design packaging that graphically denotes the function of your products while clearly communicating the benefits they provide.

Public Relations

If you have a story to tell or need to persuade your market to think in a certain way, PR can play an important role. Count on Total Spectrum’s PR experts to help make the publicity you need happen for you.