You spend a lot of time and money to market your products to your target audiences but do you really know what messages are getting the best results? Now you can. With Spark, our proprietary marketing automation software, you can capture leads, start a conversation, convert them into customers and finally know what communication works best.

When someone visits your website from ads, outbound media, search results, social media, etc., our software can track where these lead contacts generated from. Every new call, email and web form is captured and information is automatically entered into a database along with how they contacted you. From there Spark can classify, target, contact, follow-up and help convert leads into new customers.

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How do you explain marketing automation?

Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that marketing has its advantages. Implemented properly, a solid marketing automation campaign can be executed with precision, speak directly to your audience at just the right time in the buying decision process, and yield incredible results.

Marketing Automation: What is it and why you need it

If you’re in business, “Marketing Automation” is a term that has been getting tossed around A LOT lately. It sounds cool…especially the “automation” part – that has to be a good thing. But what does it really mean, and what does it do? If you ask around, chances are you will probably get a bunch […]

Marketing Automation vs. CRM

What’s The Difference and Who Wins? The question is often asked, what’s the difference between marketing automation and a Customers Relationship Manager or CRM system? Which is superior? In this short article, we will compare and contrast marketing automation’s easy-to-learn functions with customer relationship management (CRM) software such as SalesForce or Zoho. This no-nonsense comparison/throw-down […]

Marketing Automation vs. ESP

What’s The Difference? Marketing Automation vs. Email Service Providers (like MailChimp) Another frequently asked question is “What’s the difference between marketing automation and an Email Service Provider, or ESP; don’t they do the same types of things?” In this short post, we will compare and contrast marketing automation’s intuitive, easy-to-learn functions with email service providers […]

Why Marketing Automation?

Click on the link below to view our Why Marketing Automation PDF: Spark Presentation: Why Marketing Automation? – PDF

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